About Us

Sing your way to glowing, youthful skin
We at Song of Skin are a women-owned business that focuses on Korean beauty products that has been tried and tested. Our specialized trained team of product testers travel to Korea frequently to try out hundreds of new products in which a select few gets featured in our store. 
Our Story
Growing up we found our peers and even ourselves struggling to find products that work best for our skin. We always wished there was a one-stop platform where shoppers were able to seek products for a specific skin type and also get the lowest price. We are proud to bring you Song of Skin, a friendly one-stop platform for all your skincare needs. As you browse through our store, you will see our product tester’s personalized skin type recommendation bundled with crisp and clear pictures of the exact product that you will receive.  
Who Are We?
Song of Skin is made possible by a mother and daughter who’s goal is to provide a friendly one-stop platform for all your skincare needs delivered straight to your steps. Our passion is to take the stress out of finding your skin’s perfect partner by helping you every step of the way. We believe in establishing a strong-bonded community so if you have any questions or need advice we are excited to help. 

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